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How to schedule a New OB Appt

Congratulations! If a home pregnancy test has confirmed that you are pregnant, the physicians of Piedmont OB/GYN encourage you to make your first OB appointment with us once you are a least six weeks pregnant. To determine how many weeks pregnant you are, count the weeks starting from the beginning of your last menstrual cycle.

To make an OB appointment call:

  • Downtown office location (890 W. Faris Rd, Suite 330/Greenville, SC)  455-1270
  • Eastside office location (3917 S. Hwy 14/Greenville, SC)  522-1360

Thanks and we look forward to caring for you.

What to expect at your new OB appointment

The physicians and staff of Piedmont OB/GYN recommend allowing 2 hours for your first OB appointment. During this time, you will meet many members of your health care team. A detailed medical history, comprehensive physical exam, and laboratory studies will be performed. One of our clinicians will provide comprehensive educational counseling. An internal ultrasound will be performed to confirm and accurately date your pregnancy. You will also meet with our business personnel to discuss financial issues regarding your pregnancy.

What to expect during your pregnancy

Many of your OB visits to Piedmont OB/GYN will consist of checking vitals, listening to heart tones and addressing any questions and concerns regarding your pregnancy. If you have questions that arise between appointments, we encourage you to write them down and bring them to your appointment so one of our physicians can address them with you.

At approximately 20 weeks into your pregnancy, you will receive an anatomy scan to screen for birth defects. This scan also reveals the sex of your baby. Please advise our physicians and staff if you would like to know the sex of your child.

Although you will receive several ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy, between weeks 28 and 32, for a small additional fee, Piedmont OB/GYN offers you a 3D ultrasound to capture the first photos of your little one. If you are interested in 3D ultrasound, please let us know.

During your pre-natal visits to Piedmont OB/GYN, we encourage you to see all our qualified physicians. This will enable you to know the physician that will deliver your baby when the time arrives.

Can I try for a vaginal delivery after a previous C-Section?

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section (VBAC) is an option for select patients. It’s best to discuss this with your Piedmont OB/GYN physician to determine the best options available.

What do I do if I think I’m in labor?

If you think the time has come to deliver your baby – know that you are in good hands. There is a Piedmont OB/GYN physician at Greenville Memorial Hospital 24 hours a day seven days a week. A physician will be expecting your arrival.

If you think you’re in labor during normal office hours, please call the office to receive further instructions from the nurse.

  • Downtown office location (890 W. Faris Rd, Suite 330/Greenville, SC)  455-1270
  • Eastside office location (3917 S. Hwy 14/Greenville, SC)  522-1360

After normal office hours, call the regular office number of one of our office locations and you will be contacted by one of our nurses to discuss your questions/concerns. If your think that it is an emergency, you should go to Greenville Memorial Hospital located at 701 Grove Rd. Greenville and report to the 6th floor OB triage area.

Indications for Labor

1. True labor contractions:

You do not need to call ahead. A nurse will evaluate you in triage and notify the doctor on call.


  • Your first baby – Every 5 minutes
  • Your second baby – Every 6-8 minutes
  • Your third baby or more – Every 10 minutes

2. Your water breaks- usually this is a big “gush” which continues to leak

3. Bleeding like a menstrual period or worse

The physicians of Piedmont OB/GYN deliver only at Greenville Memorial Hospital, allowing one of our physicians to be on hand to deliver your baby.

It’s also important to note that should your baby need critical care, Children’s Hospital of Greenville Memorial Hospital offers the highest level of care available in the region’s largest and most advanced Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). More than 40 pediatric sub-specialists are available for consultation and treatment.

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