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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I color my hair?

Hair color products and placing highlights are safe at any gestation of pregnancy. Please try to avoid very caustic products that contain bleach or are very potent with regard to odor.

Can I paint the nursery?

Using latex/water based paints in a well ventilated area is generally considered safe in pregnancy at any gestation. Try to avoid oil based paints as they are much more potent with regard to odor. Make sure the area is well ventilated (use fans, open windows, etc.). If you start feeling dizzy or lightheaded, take a break and remove yourself from the room.

Is it safe to travel?

In an uncomplicated pregnancy, it is safe to travel long distances up to 34 weeks. If you are travelling locally (several hours by car) it is generally thought to be safe up to 36 weeks. With long car trips, make sure you stop every 2 hours to stretch. If travelling by plane, stay well hydrated and walk around the cabin every 2 hours. If you are planning a trip, it is always a good idea to contact the office to get a copy of your prenatal records to bring with you in case of an emergency.

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